Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Cake Workshop

The Christmas Cake Workshop turned out a great success last Sunday, with participants learning the in's and out's of how to decorate and ice a traditional fruit cake. They used Pettinice icing and were given the choice to decorate their cake with either the classic holly wreath or holly with candles which were made during class.

Two Brisbane food bloggers came along to enjoy the experience also.

Read about Gastronomy Gal's, Eliza Gallen's experience on her blog.

I Ate Brisbane's, Sarah Clemence's recreated the step-by-step process for making a Judy C traditional christmas cake on her official blog.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Gingerbread men (& women)!

Hi everyone,

We have gingerbread men and women for sale as we start to enter the holiday season. For more information on prices and designs please contact the store on (07) 3366 9111.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Catalogue Out Now!

Hi everyone!

Our Christmas Catalogue for 2010 has just been released and can be viewed in the official photo album on our Facebook page. Click on the individual images to view a description and price list.

Last orders will close on Friday 17th December 2010.

Happy viewing!

Sweet Treats, a sweet success!

The Sweet Treats 101 workshop was held last Sunday and was sold out to an eager and excited group. Participants learnt the basics of making a standard cake mix for not only cakes but also cupcakes, biscuit mix, icing variations and also learnt decorating techniques.

Below are some photos from the Sweet Treats 101 workshop.

The Chocolate Decadence workshop was also a sold out success! Participants learnt to dress a mud cake, how to make and manage ganache and also created and utilised chocolate panels.

Book quickly for the Christmas Cake workshop for 14 November as this course is only held once a year! For more information on the Christmas Cake workshop visit the official event page.

If you missed out on the Sweet Treats 101 and Chocolate Decadence workshop this time, no need to worry, because of such high demand we are taking names for the next round of courses with dates yet to be announced.

Happy baking!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cakes by Judy C Baking & Decorating Workshops

2010 Course dates and information

Sweet Treats 101

Basics Cake & Icing 101 is the starting point for anyone wanting to make beautiful cakes from scratch and decorate them with flair. The one day workshop will cover the basics of making a standard cake mix for cakes and cup cakes, biscuit mix, icing variations and decorating techniques.

For more information visit the offical event page.

Chocolate Decadence - Chocolate Decorating Workshop

Learn to make your own decadent chocolate decorations and dress a chocolate mud cake like a pro! Participants will learn how to make and manage ganache and create and utilise chocolate panels. The mud cakes will be provided for you practice the professional techniques demonstrated in the class. Your cake creation is for you to keep and take home. Judy C will also demonstrate how to manage and use professional chocolate pettinice icing.

For more information visit the official event page.

Christmas Cake

This is the perfect class for those who want to make a cake that tastes as good as your grandmother’s and looks a professional as one bought from a shop.

The Christmas cake decorating class is a hands-on experience in the kitchen as Judy C guides you though decorating and icing a traditional fruit cake. The cake will be iced with Pettinice icing and you will be given the choice to either decorate your cake with the classic holly wreath, holly with candles or Christmas stars, which will all be hand made during the class. During the break you will taste Judy C’s popular Fruit Mince Tarts and also take home the recipe.

For more information visit the offical event page.

Look forward to seeing you all in class!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Process of putting together a 5-tier wedding cake

On the weekend our team at Cakes by Judy C put together a 5-tier cake for a wedding held at Moda Events Portside (formally known as Gianni Events at Portside).

Have a look at our process below;

All 5 tiers loaded for delivery - it took two hours in total to deliver and set up.

Bottom tier.

Second tier.

Third tier.

Fourth tier.

Fifth and final tier.

Adding final touches to the cake, including ribbon.

A close-up look at all the detail. It took a total of 14 hours to do all the ruffled roses.

Completed cake. The cake topper was provided by the brides mother.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Prelude to Winter Warming Desserts

Now that I have provided some ideas for winter desserts ( previous blog) , I thought I  had better  share some suggestions of what to make for dinner before serving warm desserts like our Apple Cake with Butterscotch Brandy Sauce,  Apple & Custard Teacakes or Bread & Butter Puddings.

Here are some links to nice easy recipes.
Easy Chicken Pies

Luke Mangan's Herb Roasted Leg Of Lamb

Berkshire Gold Pork Loin Roast

Recipes courtesy of Recipe Finder section for Comfort Food

Winter Warmers & Comfort Food

Time to pull out the woollies and warm up Brisbane! By the looks of the upcoming weather forecast it is going to be CHILLY. Brisbanites ( people from Brisbane,Queensland) don't usually do cold well, as most of the time it is warm. hot or sweltering in our city. When it does cool down, locals either curse the temperature drop or embrace the short time we have to snuggle up and eat comfort food.
Personally, I am  hoping more of the later is done because here at Cakes By Judy C - we have a cabinet full of Winter Warming treats!

We have Bread & Butter Puddings, Sticky Date Puddings ( in cabinet above) , Warm Apple Cakes with Butterscotch Brandy Sauce ( Below) & Mini Apple & Custard Teacakes (bottom pic) selling in store now.

So what does  Wikipedia say about Comfort Food??
" The term "comfort food" refers to simple, familiar food that is usually home-cooked or eaten at informal restaurants. More generally, comfort food can be defined as food that brings some form or measure of comfort, sense of well-being, or easy satisfaction, usually from being warm and filling such as a dish made with a staple food, or basically pleasing such as sweets or desserts. Comfort foods may also involve foods that have a nostalgic element either to an individual or a specific culture."

See you instore soon!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wedding Cake Serving Sizes

There are a few options when choosing a wedding cake size, it all depends on the number of guests, how you would prefer to serve it on the day and if you need some for guests to take home with them as wedding favours.

The most popular options we offer are; serving the cake as Dessert (as part of your menu) or serving it after dessert with Tea & Coffee as ‘Petit fours’.

Cakes are cut the same way regardless of their shape, ie Round Cakes or Square & Rectangle cakes. The size required depends on your number of guests.

As a dessert, you will get fewer slices per cake (opposed to tea & coffee serves) as the serves are bigger and are designed to be the dessert. Suggested accompaniments need to be discussed with your caterer like cream, ice-cream etc.

You will need to cater for one slice of cake per guest plus the accompaniments.

Each dessert serve will need to be plated and served – similar to our example below.

As Petit fours – or ‘Tea & Coffee' serves the cake will usually be placed on a platter next to the tea & coffee station and guests are encouraged to help themselves.

Slices are smaller than the dessert serve option and you will get more out of your cake however, with this option some guests may have more than one piece and some none. You will need to take this into consideration, it is recommended to still cater for one slice per guest.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweet Treats

If you're feeling like a sweet treat but avoiding all things chocolate after a big Easter weekend, then we have the perfect little treats for any sugar fix.

Our range of treats this month;

  • Raspberry Crumbles, which are made from the recipe by the famous Magnolia's Bakery in New York, each crumble is sold for $2.50 each from the Cakes by Judy C store in Ashgrove.
  • Classic Melting Moments with lemon icing centres, Passionfruit Kisses, Chocolate Rum Kisses, Chocolate Raspberry Kisses and Coffee Walnut Creams are all $2.50 each or $22.00 per dozen available at Cakes by Judy C.
  • Parisian Macaroons in vintage colours of pink, green and latte - perfect for wedding favours, Mothers Day or other special occasions. They are priced at $2.20 each however are only available by made-to-order so please contact the store on +61 7 3366 9111 to order.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding cake cutting and etiquette

There is a certain kind of protocol involved with most aspects of a wedding, which also holds true for the wedding cake. Cutting the wedding cake is usually one of the last formalities in a wedding and the first that a couple will share as new husband and wife, which means it should be done perfectly.

Here are some cake cutting tips and etiquette recommended by

• Wedding cake etiquette starts with the correct setting of the wedding cake. The wedding cake should be displayed on a beautifully decorated table, which goes in front of the main table (or brides table). It should be set in such a manner so as not to block the guests' view of the head table. An engraved and decorated knife is usually placed at the table (although this is not mandatory).

• Etiquette demands that the cake be cut at the right time during the reception. This will depend on the kind of reception that you have. If it is an informal kind of gathering, such as a tea party or cocktail reception, then you should cut the wedding cake after the guests have been received and the speeches made. For more formal affairs, the cake should be cut after the main reception lunch or dinner has been served.

• The wedding cake cutting should be announced prior to the cutting. This can be done by making an announcement to the effect or by playing the very song that the wedded couple danced their first dance to.

• The right hand of the groom goes over the right hand of the bride and they cut the wedding cake together. The first slice is fed by the groom to his bride, after which the bride serves her new husband.

• The wedding cake is then taken away by a family member, friend or the catering staff to be cut. The cutting is not done in front of the guests.

• The cake is then either served along with the coffee or is used as a party favour and put in boxes for the guests to take home with them.

A guide to choosing the right cake shape for your wedding

When it comes to choosing the right cake shape, it is imperative to keep your wedding style in mind.

Here are the most common cake shapes and decorating tips recommended by

While some might think the shape a little plain, the simplicity of a round cake provides the perfect backdrop for interesting textures and colours.

TIPS - There's no need to hold back on decor with a round cake. Stunning ideas: an allover quilted or pleated pattern; embossed fondant in the shape of your wedding day motif or monogram; or a colorful cascade of sugar flowers.

A square cake is the modern alternative to a round cake - perfect for couples looking for something different but not too over-the-top.

TIPS - Play up the shape as little or as much as you want. Soften the hard edges with elegant touches like sugar flowers, pastel colours and paper-thin embellishments. Or, emphasise the shape by outlining each tier in ribbon.

Often referred to as ‘scalloped,’ this shape has a flowerlike appearance. Play up the petal shape for a garden wedding, or use the shape on the bottom tier of a round cake to add interest.

TIPS - To keep the cake from looking too bold, go light with the add-ons to compliment and draw attention to the unique shape. We love a white-on-white cake with a burst of colourful sugar flowers to top it off.

This six-sided wonder is the creative answer to a modern square cake. With such a striking appearance, you'll want to keep the adornment clean and simple. The shape itself brings a lot to the table even without any decoration.

TIPS - Outline each tier in buttercream pearls, accent with fresh or sugar paste green cymbidium orchids, or keep it completely free of decor, save an heirloom or flower cake topper.

This shape has serious attitude. While it's sure to make a bold statement at your wedding, consider the overall style of the day. It's perfect for a funky loft or restaurant, but won't work as well in an elegant ballroom or country club.

TIPS - Stray from anything traditional like flowers and play up the unique design with plenty of funky add-ons and bold colours. We recommend diamond fondant cut-outs in a bold mix of colours.

Source -

Monday, March 22, 2010

Boys Cakes

Boys love cake too! It is a common assumption that most cakes are made for girls, which is understandable as  the majority of the pretty cakes in the world are for Weddings and Brides and little Princesses ! However Boys do love cake and we love making cakes for Boys - especially Boys Birthday Cakes. Here are some pictures of fun boys birthday cakes we've made recently, to have a  look visit our facebook album.

If you would like a similar designed cake or you have an idea of you own, please make an enquiry through our website or by calling +61 7 3366 9111.

We love a good cake and like to share contacts for cake lovers all over the world!
Here are some amazingly designed novelty boys cakes by Cakes 4 Fun, who are based in the UK.
These designs are awesome!

Check out more cakes on their website.

Easter Opening Hours

Cakes by JudyC will be closing Good Friday 2nd April plus, Easter Saturday, Sunday & Monday 3rd-5th April. We will re-open again Tuesday 6th April.

Have a safe and happy easter!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Customers

We love hearing from happy customers - but most of all we LOVE seeing smiling faces!
Here is a lovely photo of one of our very happy little cake eaters enjoying her birthday cake.
Paula & Grace - thank you for sending us this divine photo and most of all - for letting us share it with our online community.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

After 50 years, Freed’s Bakery of Las Vegas continues to serve some of the highest quality cakes to locals and tourists.

Famous worldwide for their quality-made simple cakes and elaborate creations, Freed’s Bakery of Las Vegas will personalise and design the cake of your dreams.

Whether you are wanting a Vegas style gambling cake, Halloween, wedding or baby shower cake, Freed's is definitely the place to get a 'heads turning, jaw dropping, elaborate creation'. 

Have a look at some of their specialty cakes…

Monday, January 11, 2010

Silver Candle Holders Have Arrived!

These silver candle holders will definately make your cake stand out and look glamorous! They are all silver plated and designed by a prestigious jewellery designer from Britain named Viviana De Gallegos.

Famous celebrities, sport stars and members of the Royal family for example, Madonna, David Beckham and the Queen have used the same cake holders on their birthday cakes!

Don't miss out on having your own star-studded cake! Each candle holder is $6 each or they can be purchased as a set of 5 for $35.

Pop in-store or call for more details.

Valentines Day

The worldly renowned Valentines Day is fastly approaching, the day which we celebrate love. Valentines Day began with the Roman Empire which held the Lupercian Festival every February in honour of the God of fertility, where young men could choose their mate. During this time marriage was legal however, when Claudius became Emperor he changed the laws, fearing men would refuse their duty to fight because they would not want to leave their wives. When couples wished to get married in secret they would go to Catholic Bishop Valentine who would marry the couples. When Claudius found out he had Valentine arrested. While waiting in jail Valentine exchanged letters with his lover and on his final note before he got beheaded he signed it with: 'From Your Valentine'. This is where the traditional began.

This year we are providing a little SPICE for the lovers among you! We have spiced Valentines Cookies for those who like a little heat during the month of love, with cinnamon, chilli, salt and pepper to get the blood pumping.

We also have beautiful hand decorated, made-to-order cookies for those sweet messages and pretty things for your loved one.
Prices start at $2 each and are made-to-order. Please ask instore or call for more details.