Friday, May 31, 2013

Cupcakes On Stands

Sometimes special occasions call for a spectacular display, such as 21st birthdays, christenings, wedding anniversaries and corporate functions. In these instances, cupcakes on stands are becoming a popular choice for dessert.

We have a range of stands available for hire at the shop; pictured above is our silver plated four tier stand, however we also have stands in this style with two, three and five tiers.

Your cupcakes can be arranged to fit as many as you need onto each tier - in the picture we have arranged our mini cupcakes in two rows to fit more onto the stand, however they can be arranged in a single row as well and still look fabulous.

Our stands have a hire fee of $15, as well as a $100 holding deposit which will be refunded to you when the stand is returned in good condition. We also have some stainless steel stands available which add a lovely touch, however these have a holding deposit of $200.

We understand there are certain circumstances that make it difficult to return the stand to us - for example, if you choose to have a cupcake stand at your wedding and then proceed to go straight to your honeymoon - in these circumstances, we can pick up the stand for a fee starting at $25, which may vary depending on where your reception is located.

Having a small cake to sit on the top tier of the stand is a great option too, as it adds that element of grandeur. Of course, all our cupcakes and cakes are made to suit your occasion, coming in whatever colour scheme and flavour you would like.

As you can imagine, planning for occasions such as this takes time, so it is recommended to place orders of this ilk at least two weeks in advance.

Our friends at Little Birdie Events create beautiful dessert tables, showcasing a vast array of ways to display your dessert treats. Check out their blog for some inspiration!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Small Bar Cakes

There are certain occasions where you might be looking for a simple, smaller option to our whole celebration cakes; be it for an office morning tea, dessert for a few friends, picnics or as a gift. That is why we aim to have our delicious small bar cakes available in the shop as often as possible.

As a general rule, these bars give 4-5 serves, however you are free to cut your slices as small or as large as you deem fit.

They come in a range of delicious flavours, including, but not limited to:
  • Red Velvet
  • Cotton Candy - a white and pink marbled cake with raspberry flavoured icing
  • Vanilla or Chocolate buttercake
  • Orange Madeira
  • Chocolate Fudge
As shown in the picture above there are also a variety of ways in which these bars can be decorated. The most popular styles are the butterflied look, and the smooth palet finish with buttercream or ganache.

The bars start at $13.50 each, which is more economical than buying 4-5 cupcakes, and saves on wastage compared to some of our larger whole cakes

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cake Profiles: Giant Cupcake

At Cakes By Judy C, we are always discovering and creating exciting new ways to serve and enjoy cake. We take pride in producing original, specialty designs as we believe a standout cake plays a huge part in a stand out event.
Having been in the cake business for over 20 years, we have accumulated a substantial back catalogue of designs over the years. With so many choices and variables, we understand that the ordering process can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, so in answer to this, we will be featuring profiles for some of our more popular designs on a weekly basis through this blog, in the hope of easing the process.  

Our first instalment is The Giant Cupcake.

This cake is a simple, quirky and affordable alternative to the more traditional round or square celebration cakes we have on offer; it is suitable for any occasion, for cake lovers of all ages and genders.
Upon first sight, one might assume this cake is constructed the same way as a regular sized cupcake, with cake at the bottom and a whole lot of icing on the top, however, it is actually two separate cakes, sandwiched together with a filling of your choice.

Here is a full breakdown of the cake pictured above:

Flavour: Chocolate mud cake. The two cakes are sandwiched together with dark chocolate ganache. The top layer is decorated with white chocolate ganache, topped with sprinkles and a maraschino cherry.
NB: This design works best as a mud cake, as it is more solid and durable than a butter or madeira cake, which means it is able to hold its shape better.

Serves: 12-18

Cost: Starts at $42.50

As with everything we do at the shop, the flavours and colours of this cake can be changed to suit your personal tastes and preferences. Edible gift tags with a written greeting are also available for that extra personal touch. If you would like to order this cake, it is simply a phone call away! One week's notice is ideal for ordering a cake such as this, with a deposit of at least 30% upon ordering.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

We have a new blogger on board here are JudyC! 
New updated refreshed blog posts are soon to be published - hooray.
Stay tuned cake lovers :)