Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Idea Magazine loves Whoopie

This week's New Idea Magazine published a feature on Whoopie Pies stating that they are  "The biscuit taking the world by storm". All we can do is hope!

It is a great feature with lots of pics and recipes.

Whoopie Time

It’s Whoopie Time!

Cupcake and Macaron lovers unite, we have a sweet treat that sits somewhere between the two – Whoopie Pie.

An American favourite since 1920 and an Amish tradition, the cake-like sandwich sweet is now available in Brisbane here at Cakes by Judy C. More historical information on the Whoopie can be found here.

We plan to have Whoopie Pies in our display cabinet daily with alternating flavours and varieties.
RRP $4ea. Min order 1Doz/Flavour.

Some Whoopie Pie flavours we have made so far include; Choc Chip, Peanut Butter, Choc Raspberry,Choc Mint, Fresh Fruit and many more....

Choc Rasberry Whoopie Pie by Cakes by JudyC

Peanut Buttter Whoopie Pies made by Cakes by JudyC
Choc Chip WHoopie Pies Made by Cakes By JudyC

We LOVE this book for inspiration!"The Whoopie Pie Book" by Claire Ptak from Violet

Watch Claire make Whoopie Pies here:

Enjoy! xxxxx

Monday, March 14, 2011

Australian Easter & Easter Cupcakes

I love Easter. Love, love, love it.
I get to have some time away from the kitchen and enjoy the simple things in life like spending time with my family and friends.

Easter means many different things to many  people for various reasons  - mostly religion.
I found some really great information on Easter in Australia here - take from it what you wish.

Today, this post about Easter is about CHOCOLATE and CUPCAKES, read on if you share my passion...

We have another Sweet Treats 101 Baking & Decorating workshop coming up on Sunday, April 17 and this time we have combined it with a special  Easter Cupcake Cooking Class.

In this workshop we will l be making Easter Cupcakes to make the most of the opportunity so close to Easter!

Here are some we made last year:
We also made these beautiful Easter Cakes.

If you are interested in our upcoming workshop please call us ph:  (07) 3366 9111 or RSVP via our Facebook Page

The image at the top of this post  is of a Chocolate Easter Egg Tart from Nestle
The recipe can be found here ( we did not make it, we just liked the photo and are crediting it accordingly.)