Thursday, June 20, 2013

Edible Image Cakes

Specialised and themed cakes are what we love here at Cakes by JudyC. Edible-image cakes offer an affordable option when compared to our carved and structured cakes, and can be equally as interesting and unique. To achieve this highly popular effect, we print images from the computer onto sugar transfer sheets, using food colour as the ink! The wonders of technology these days!

Edible-image cakes are particularly well suited (but not limited) to occasions such as wedding anniversaries, themed birthday parties and corporate functions. When ordering a cake such as this there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Edible-images sit most effectively on pettinice icing, which is the sugar-based icing used in most of our wedding cakes, and has been used in the picture above. The reason for this, is that the image has the potential seep into buttercreams and ganaches, which would result in quite a messy looking cake. Due to this fact, the flavour of your cake may be limited to a mud cake, as it holds this icing most effectively. For more information and options on this point, please speak to our friendly staff at the shop.

  • It is up to you to supply the image for your cake, we do not keep stockpiles of images at the shop for our edible-image cakes. It is recommended to find a quirky or interesting photo to suit your cake, or, if you do not have an image available on hand, we recommend searching on Google for ideas - endless possibilities!
    NB: If you do find an image through the internet, make sure it is high quality!

  • Consider the shape and size of your cake when choosing your image. If your cake is round, make sure the image you choose will sit nicely on a round cake. We do not have the facilities to change the shape of the image once it is sent to us, so make sure you send the image exactly as you would like it to appear on the cake.

  • When you have found your perfect image, it must be sent to us via email as a SEPARATE attachment, not in the body of the email. The file must also be in JPG format, as this is the only compatible format for our system. You should include in the body of your email your name, and the date your cake is ordered for. Send your images to:

  • Try not to choose an image that is extensively detailed, as it may prove difficult to achieve an effective result.

  • All edible-image cakes MUST be stored out of the fridge, even if the cake is for the next day. We recommend a kitchen bench top that is out of the sun for storage. In summer and highly humid weather, it is recommended to store in a closed, air-conditioned room to keep the icing firm.

  • Edible-images are not limited to cakes, they also are a great option for cupcakes and cookies!
So there you have it!

We also sell edible-images on their own, for occasions where you may like to make your own cake. The starting price for images by themselves is $35.
Take a look at the images we provided for a cake that ended up in the hands of Kate Middleton!

For some inspiration, check out these beautiful, fun and quirky cakes we have made using edible images in the past:

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